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The Starfish opportunity can put Instant Cashback in your pocket

and change your Life in so many other ways ...

Day after day, purchase after purchase, one decision after another,

this program will open up whole new worlds to you, and more money!

Quick Math Question:

Would you trade $60 a year for $500? **

Who wouldn't?!

Come and learn how, with Starfish!

** based on last-year actual customer cash-back averages (about $45 monthly)

What is Starfish all about?

* Get up to 20% cash back from 500+ large retailers!

* Private invitation-only app - not available on App stores

* Instant cash back ("perks") on purchases, use in any store

* Benefit from using your own money, not credit cards

* Never pay late fees or interest. Avoid the debt trap!

* You will also LEARN with the free Rascal Radio podcast!

* Join the Consumer Rebellion!

Below is an actual Starfish gift certificate that I just pulled up on my phone.

You enter the exact amount (you can even include the tip) and Voila!

Based on the currently 11.3% cash back for Applebees.

This break-through technology generates

an instant gift certificate for the exact

amount of your purchase!

Perks (cash back) are instantly available

for your next purchase!

This App is all about FREEDOM!

YES! I want to learn more!

Want to learn more about Starfish now?

To watch a quick video, just click the button.